If you have a group of friends or family members that want to celebrate a special occaision that they will remember for a long time, Splash MOB is here to rescue a ho-hum party. And, if your company, school or university, or organization would like to hold a team-building event that will foster people connections in a creative and fun way. Click Here

Original Paintings

At Splash MOB Painting Parties, we do not use templates sent by national companies to the franchisees (as in paint and wine parties, paint and sip parties or many other painting class businesses). The paintings we recreate are originally created and taught by a professional illustrator and fine artist, Gloria Kreitzberg.  Some styles of art that are taught in our painting classes are painterly, sometimes abstract, and some are light-hearted and very expressive. You will take home a 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas painting that is as authentic as you. We encourage self-expression and to paint your own unique interpretation of the subject matter. You will not see a sea of paintings that all look alike at the end of a painting class.

Don't Make Me Dance

If you are looking for a painting class, paint and wine party, or paint and sip party in the Rochester, NY area, you'll find that ours is the most unique. Not only will you receive quality painting instruction, but Splash MOB Painting Parties get you moving. We get off of our chairs and dance a little and encourage you to paint like no one is watching. Do you have to dance? No, not at all—but you just may not be able to help yourself. Our Splash MOB instructor is a former dance teacher and knows how to get you to off your seat.

Things you will need to know...

  • Try not to be late for your date. Your Splash MOB instructor requests the honor of your presence 10 minutes before your party starts. If you come late, you will miss out on our step-by-step instructions, and you may not be able to catch up.

  • Leave those 6" designer heels at home (wear comfortable shoes and clothes). We plan on moving. Please leave your high maintenance wardrobe at home, since you may get paint on your cute self.  

  • Some events will have food and/or wine included or available for purchase.  See individual EVENTS details to learn if you are able to bring wine or snacks.

  • Events that include  alcoholic beverages will require proof of age. We also reserve the right to ask guests to halt beverage consumption, should they look as if their safety (and the safety of others) is in jeopardy. Hey - we want you to be safe.  

  • Be nice, be kind, and don't be afraid to make new friends.

See Info & Pricing for More Details, Contact Us with Questions.

Get Ready!

Private Parties and Team Building Events