Paint and Wine Parties at Petals & Paint Club (a Splash MOB Painting Party) held at Broccolo Gardend Center
Petals and Paint...and FUN!
–Saturday, Aug. 13th Painting

Splash MOB Appears on TV in My Home Town Video for Broccolo Garden Center    

                                                                            Open-air painting at Broccolo's is fun. Here I am demonstrating during a My Home                                                                                           Town TV spot (don't blink or you will miss it). We hope to hold painting classes                                                                                                      outside during nice weather and inside the historic farm house during cooler days.

                                                                             There is nothing better than being surrounded by lush foliage and flowers, painting

                                                                             with friends (old and new), listening to music while you create your own unique

                                                                             artwork, sometimes singing along, and often enjoying something to sip or snack on.


The Garden Center at Broccolo Tree and Landscape is continuing to make your garden center experience much more than purchasing a hanging plant or buying mulch. The artistic vibe, with all of the environmental sculptures and winding paths, is the perfect setting for a professional painting class. When you put creative people together who love nature and art—even if they have NO INNATE ARTISTIC SKILLS—you've got a winning combination. Petals, paint, nice people, and FUN! AND, we have all NEW paintings to create in the fresh air and lush surroundings of the garden center.  

Next Event at Broccolo Garden Center, April of 2018