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Gloria Kreitzberg is a professional illustrator, graphic designer, and a whole lot of other titles that would probably bore you. Below you will see just a few samples of her illustration and commissioned artwork. If you would like to view examples of her logo design, collateral design, and website and social media design, contact Gloria at Artistic Vision Marketing & Graphic Design at (585) 755-5375, visit her Facebook Page, or email her at

  Gloria Kreitzberg Commissioned Paintings

Gloria Kreitzberg has been creating paintings for people since she was 16 years old. Over the years, she has sent her paintings off to their new owners with joy and a little sadness. JOY because of the excitement and pleasure that her artwork gives others, but some sadness that a little piece of her will be gone to another home forever. She worked with pen and ink, pencil,  watercolor, and oil paint most of her early days, then to acrylics for teaching due to its quick drying. Today, she creates only animal portraits for clients, since animals are her passion and pet portrait paintings mean so much to the recipient. If you would like to commission Gloria to paint a portrait of your dog, cat, or pet, please contact her at

(585) 755-5375 or email her at  Commissioned art pricing ranges due to the size of the painting, the complexity, and the number of animals to be painted.  Pricing begins at $700+.

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