Gloria Kreitzberg pours her passion, energy and enthusiasm into everything she does. Her latest venture blends those traits with her love of music, art and dance into a unique experience for the over-21 crowd.

Splash MOB Paint Night Parties combines Kreitzberg’s decades of experience as a dance teacher with her artistic mind and her skill as a professional illustrator to create a one-of-a-kind paint night experience. The new venture is just one of a number of entrepreneurial efforts she is involved in: She is the owner of Artistic Vision Marketing & Graphic Design, Artful Kids Expressive Art Classes and Inner Vision Meditative Art Classes.

To say Kreitzberg keeps busy is an understatement.

“I have an extremely positive attitude and practice mindfulness,” Kreitzberg says. “So I keep reminding myself to go with the flow and see where my next adventure takes me.”

That is how she began art instruction, she says. She had an opportunity to teach a class and the response was so positive that she created three separate classes, each with its own brand and audience.

In the Splash MOB classes—which began this month—Kreitzberg works with a helper to teach up to two dozen individuals. Because she has been an artist since she was 16, Kreitzberg says there is a richness and depth to the painting instruction that other paint night ventures do not offer.

“I am a former dance teacher and I combine movement to music throughout the painting class,” she says.

It is a fun and energetic painting class that is meant to relieve stress, loosen people up and allow them to shed some inhibitions. 

“Another differentiation is that you get to express yourself through your painting,” she says. “Not everyone’s painting is going to look alike. That’s what I want. Once I loosen them up and get them excited, relaxed and de-stressed and we go into the painting, I allow them to express themselves in a way that it doesn’t have to look exactly like what the teacher’s doing.”

Although Kreitzberg declined to discuss revenue for any of her businesses, she says her paint night parties—which will take place at restaurants, shops and community centers throughout Monroe County—will cost individuals $35 to $50, depending on the subject matter of the painting, length of the class and refreshments served.

Kreitzberg serves 24 clients in her marketing firm, and her art instruction classes have grown to more than 60 students since she began last year. She currently is offering three Splash MOB classes a month but expects that to grow significantly.

“Since word about my unique art and painting classes is spreading quickly, I foresee all three art businesses exploding in 2016,” she explains. “Word is spreading and people are starting to seek me out. That’s exciting, since I have not been marketing myself for very long.”

Kreitzberg has little to complain about, aside from her normally right-brained mindset being forced to delve into the financial aspects of being a business owner. What keeps her coming back for more is that she loves what she does.

“All of my life I have needed to create or I am not happy,” she says. “I also enjoy the personal one-on-one service and the genuine relationships that form from keeping my business small.”

Kreitzberg’s advice to others who may be contemplating a new venture?

“Do not be afraid to leave the restraints of a 9-to-5 job and a company that does not encourage you to grow. Be genuine, be inspired and do what you love,” she advises. “Once the passion and enthusiasm of doing what you really love to do is allowed to blossom, the successful business and monetary rewards will follow. Just have faith.”

By Sarah Taddeo  

May 27, 2016

Paint parties are all the rage lately. But paint and dance or paint and meditation? Now that’s a stroke of a different

color. Local marketing representative and art teacher Gloria Kreitzberg has been teaching painting classes for

years in the Rochester region, and last year decided to mix it up and set herself apart from the scrum of painting

party businesses in the area.

So she started Splash Mob Painting Parties — “a combination of a little bit of dance and professional painting instruction,” she said. She’s starting Splash Mob classes at Irondequoit and Penfield recreation departments in June, and has been teaching at Broccolo Garden Center in Penfield since April. Also, she’s held painting parties at private homes and restaurants in Rochester since November. The paintings used at Splash Mob are created by Kreitzberg and are meant to have flexibility in color and shapes, so the painter can inject their own creativity into the piece.

“Art should come from a place of expression, as opposed to trying to copy something else,” she said.

Kreitzberg starts her classes off with pumping music and some easy creative movement. New painters tend to paint very stiffly and may hold tension in their muscles, she said, “so the dance really helps to loosen everyone up.”

The dance movements usually mirror party dancing, or might involve stretching out the arms and hands. If a good sing-along song comes on, she’ll get the whole room bellowing out the lyrics. She’ll supply all of the art supplies and, depending on the event, Kreitzberg or the venue may supply hors d’oeuvres. Some venues allow participants to bring their own wine.

“I wanted something that was bigger, better and more unique than anything else,” she said.

The parties broke new ground for Brian DiBona of Webster, who never thought he’d find himself in charge of a paintbrush and canvas, let alone in a party setting. “You see the painting parties around and I never would have considered myself a painter,” said DiBona. “But I was willing to try anything.” One Splash Mob party later, he was a believer and one of Kreitzberg’s biggest fans. He thought he’d be silently concentrating on matching his painting to the instructors’ work, but instead he was disco dancing with a group of new friends.

“We were having a ball before anybody picked up the paintbrush,” he said.

On the flip side, Kreitzberg holds spa painting classes, where she leads groups in breathing exercises for a relaxing experience. She took courses in meditation and taught dance at a dance education center in the past, she said.

She’s expanding this summer to painting events at Finger Lakes Gallery and Frame in Canandaigua, where food will be provided and attendees can bring their own wine. She’s held private parties everywhere from Keenan’s to Webster Golf Club, and for groups of corporate workers or giddy teenagers.

She teaches classes at Broccolo twice a month as part of the Petals and Paint Club, where she sticks only to nature and flower depictions. The next event at Broccolo is on June 11. Painters can sign up for four classes at a time for $130, or can try it out by taking a single class for $35.

Her first class at Finger Lakes Gallery and Frame is on June 10 — a single class is $45.

Private parties can range from $30 to $45 per person depending on the length and intensity of the class, with a minimum of 10 people. For more information, go

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Splash Mob Pairs Painting and Dance

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