To Do and Bring List
How Much for All This Fun?
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  • There is no beer or hard liquor allowed at public events held outside of a bar/restaurant. 

  • Anyone under the age of 21 is not cool. (Please be prepared to prove your age, if asked.)

  • You must register and pre-pay prior to your paint night event.  Setup of paint stations takes time, so walk-ins are encouraged to keep walking (but they can attend the next event).

  • You must cancel 24 hours from the time the class is to begin in order to receive a refund or credit towards a future event.  No-shows will not receive a refund or credit. 

  • For private parties (which require 6 or more people), you must cancel up to 3 days before the party to receive a refund of your deposit. (See the Private Parties page for more details.)

  • In the event of a snow storm, emergency, or if your MOB Boss gets a bad case of the Mallagoopies (a rare and highly contagious malady), Splash MOB reserves the right to cancel classes 24 hours prior to the event. A full refund or credit towards another event will be issued.  


Ready to paint like no one's watching?

Contact us or call Gloria at (585) 310-2584 for more information.

  •  DO arrive 10 minutes early (15 minutes is better). Late arrivals will need to catch up to the class at the current stage of the painting process.

  • Bring a bottle of wine, water or soft drink. Feel free to bring a snack or other edible delights. Want to bring something to share? Great. We'll set up a FAMILY table, just in case.

  • Bring comfortable clothes that you do not care if unwashable paint gets on them. Sorry, even Tide won't get acrylic paint out of your t-shirt.

  • Wear comfortable shoes, because there just may be some foot action when the music takes over.

  • Come with an OPEN MIND, a willingness to let go and have some fun and a non-judgemental mindset about you or anyone else's artistic (or dancing) abilities. Be creative, be happy, and be kind.

The cost of a public event may vary. Why? Some event venues will supply the wine and/or refreshments which may be added to the cost of the event. Some special themed paint night parties will include themed-related food, favors, or beverages, which will be reflected in the cost of the event.

Here's a cost range for our average public events. Visit our EVENTS page for individual event pricing.

$35/person for a 2-Hour Event                                        (No refreshments provided)

$45/person for a 3-Hour Event                                        (No refreshments provided)

Note: Private parties have their own pricing and terms. Please visit our PRIVATE PARTIES page or  contact our Splash MOB Boss for more info..)