This is Eliana, one of our FIRST Artful Kids. Her painting embodies what our Painting Parties are all about which

is self-expression and total FUN.

 At Artful Kids Painting Parties of Rochester, NY, your child will learn how to express themselves and create one-of-a-kind original works of art. Guidance is given every step of the way, but the goal is to have your child create art that is totally unique, and not be a copy of everyone else’s art. Expressing your child’s true nature through art is what we’re all about. 

 At Artful Kids Expressive Art Classes, professional artist and Illustrator Gloria Kreitzberg teaches kids how to paint on canvas at painting parties in Rochester, NY. We host the most ART-Rageous painting parties for birthdays and special events, and group art classes in the Rochester, NY area in homes, schools, or community centers.

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Artful Kids Painting Parties in Rochester NY


It’s okay to paint outside of the lines!

What will your Artful Kid learn?
        •   Drawing and painting skills from a professional artist and illustrator  
        •   Focus, concentration, and listening skills in a fun painting party setting
        •   How to draw/paint subject matter that 
will help them succeed with their school art projects
        •   How to be non-judgmental about their artistic abilities, artwork, or other’s abilities/art
        •   To enjoy the process of creating art, not just the end result (it’s all about the journey)