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                                           Who is she, anyway? Gloria Kreitzberg, your Splash MOB instructor, has been an 

                                                                          artist since she was a kid, drawing on a makeshift blackboard that her Dad built for her in                                                                                       their garage. By age 16, she was creating commissioned oil paintings. She attended R.I.T. for                                                                                 Art and Design, and Graphic  Careers for private studies with a nationally recognized                                                                                               illustrator.  She became a professional illustrator herself and has been working in the                                                                                              field of marketing and graphic design for Fortune 500 companies, as well as advertising                                                                                          agencies and graphic design firms in the Rochester, NY, area for decades.


                                                                         Her illustration and graphic design  work can be found on consumer packaging in over 165                                                                                  countries. She left the ad agency world and began her own company, Artistic Vision Marketing & Graphic Design, where she took a chance at being her own boss (and what a slave driver). Clients have sought her out for her highly creative logos, brochure design, ad and web-based design, and her marketing expertise. She occasionally will create commissioned custom paintings for private individuals, but considers teaching painting to the masses is the cherry on the top of a successful career (and probably the most rewarding). 

Gloria Kreitzberg also teaches kids' art and hosts kids' painting parties in the Rochester, NY area.  Artful Kids Painting Parties will travel to your home, community center, private venue, or restaurant to make sure that your child's painting party will leave memories that will last a lifetime. Our art and painting classes also help kids learn skills that will help them in their regular school work. Students will learn how to improve their listening skills, polish up on their social skills, and learn valuable drawing and painting techniques that will allow their school art projects to shine. If you are looking for the most fun kids painting parties in Rochester, NY, Artful Kids is the event company to call.  Please contact us for more information. 

Gloria Kreitzberg, Owner

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